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Buying and selling a home don’t always have to be a cumbersome and tiring experience. Just follow these simple reminders to help keep you in track of your real estate goals.

Home-Buying tips

Buying a new home represents a new stage in any home buyer’s life. Prepare yourself financially, emotionally, and mentally for a whirlwind ride that will affect the next few years of your life.

  • Assess how much property you can afford. To jumpstart the home-buying process, determine how much home you can afford without breaking your finances. Take your time and assess your current financial situation and examine your credit history. Is it enough or does it need improvement? In line of preparing yourself financially, you can also check how much loan you should apply for through mortgage calculators available online. Once you’ve got your finances in order, get a pre-approval for a mortgage loan.
  • Find out where you want to live. Location plays an important role in the home-buying process. Consider your lifestyle, including your work or academic pursuits, before zoning in on a city or a specific neighborhood. Your ideal location may also affect your home selection, so determine what type of home you want as well. Neighborhoods in a city’s central area often feature condos and apartments, while communities farther from business districts have plenty of single-family residences.
  • Get in touch with a buyer’s agent. Once you’ve prepared your finances and figured out where you want to live, it’s time to hire a professional real estate agent, preferably one with local market expertise and experience. Ask for referrals, and screen them accordingly. Your chosen agent will be your partner for the rest of the home-buying process. If you don’t want to look any further, contact us today at

Home-Selling tips

Another real estate transaction that will open another chapter in your life is when you sell your home. How do you attract the right buyer and sell your property at the best price?

  • Create a timetable. Sellers have more work to do compared to buyers, so creating a schedule will help you keep track with things you need to do, including financing, repairs, marketing strategies, and open house events.
  • Get help from a seller’s agent. To make your workload lighter, professional help and advice from a trusted and experienced real estate agent will do the trick. Your seller’s agent will help you with important property disclosures, other paperwork, marketing plans, and most of all, determining the correct asking price for your home. The right price attracts the right crop of buyers.
  • Determine your property’s asking price. You don’t want to price your property too low or too high. To get a good picture of how much you should sell your home, survey your neighborhood for other properties on sale and consider their prices. This way, you can attract home buyers and remain competitive, especially if your property is located in a hot market.
  • Prepare your home. Before you put a “for sale” sign on your home, it’s time to inspect your property thoroughly and address any issues that might affect the sale. Upgrade or repair home features accordingly, and make sure your property title is clean. If you want to increase the value of your home, you can also make minor renovations that promise good return of investment. Consider having your home staged as well before you schedule an open house to showcase your property’s best assets.

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