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For every type of home buyer, a luxury home can be many things. It can be a sprawling equestrian property, an estate in one of the best waterfront areas in the world, or a luxurious penthouse in a prestigious and highly sought-after high-rise condo. You probably have your own list of features you want as well, but regardless of the its architectural style or amenities offered, one thing remains clear: a luxury home has the ability to elevate your standard of living to the highest echelon. Pickwick Lake has its collection of luxury homes and estates ripe for the taking, but before you jump into the home buying process, we’ve got some tips for you.

  1. Get in touch with a qualified real estate agent. Unlike most residential real estate in the market, luxury homes are not easy to find due to privacy concerns. A real estate agent experienced with luxury homes will guide you to the right direction, from locating the best luxury homes for sale in Pickwick Lake to determining the market value of a luxury property you’re eyeing.
  2. Get your finances in order. Before you purchase a luxury home, it’s important to obtain proper financing. It’s best to shop for a loan during the early stages of the home buying process as loans for luxury homes usually take much longer to get approved than smaller mortgages.
  3. Inspect the property properly. As a luxury home buyer, you need to exercise due diligence before making an offer. Inspect the luxury home from top to bottom. For amenities, you might need to get the help of specialized home inspectors. You’ll need such professionals for fountains and ponds, exterior fireplaces, pools and spas, lawn irrigation systems, central vacuum systems, landscape lighting, security systems, and heated floors and driveways.
  4. Get title insurance. Since you’re going to shell out a lot of money on a luxury home, it’s best to go the extra mile and invest on title insurance. A title insurance will protect you on any issue that arises, so make sure to read everything, particularly the exceptions page, before closing time.
  5. Go beyond the property and see what’s around the luxury home. You may be satisfied with everything inside the property, but how about the surrounding area? Is it located in a safe location? Will you have enough privacy? How far is the nearest commercial center or the central business district? How long will it take you to reach a hospital, a police station, or a fire station? Knowing these things will definitely help you make a decision, especially if you’re torn between two or more luxury properties.

Your dream luxury home might be in Pickwick Lake

The banks of Pickwick Lake is home to a beautiful selection of luxury homes that enjoy stunning vistas of Pickwick Lake and the surrounding areas. To explore the area and your luxury real estate opportunities, get in touch with Duane Wright Realty today at You can also contact us through the following contact numbers: 731-607-3076 or 731-689-3076.

Luxury Homes – Pickwick Dam, TN Real Estate

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