One of the subdivisions located along the banks of Pickwick Lake in Tennessee, Northshore offers unobstructed access to tons of water activity and sportfishing areas. Situated on a rolling terrain covered in lush trees, it’s a bit cooler in Northshore, where you can enjoy cozy barbecue afternoons with your loved ones.

Like most of the neighborhoods in the Pickwick Lake area, the four seasons are wonderful to behold in Northshore. Watch the trees and plants turn bright and colorful as birds herald the coming of spring and summer. The color gradient turns to warm tones of red and gold come autumn, as leaves start to fall and the weather starts to get cooler. As winter approaches, Northshore and the rest of Pickwick Lake turns into a still winter portrait.

Real estate at Northshore

Aside from its natural wonders, Northshore has real estate offerings that will surely entice home buyers and sellers like you. Waterfront homes, water view residences, and lots with unparalleled panoramic vistas of Pickwick Lake are yours for the taking.Home prices star around $300,000.

Architectural styles in Northshore and the surrounding communities vary, but most likely you’ll find Ranch-style homes and other similar designs that blend well with the Pickwick Lake’s natural charms and beauty.

Activities at Northshore and nearby areas

  • Boating – When in Pickwick Lake, be sure not to miss the boating opportunities in the area. Pickwick Lake is a scenic reservoir built in the Tennessee River, running around 652 miles long – Ohio River’s largest tributary. Bring your boat, or if you don’t have one, rent a boat for a day and sail in the calm waters of this iconic body of water.
  • Sportfishing–Bassmaster Elite series tournament anglers from all over the country flock to Pickwick Lake to catch some record-size smallmouth bass in its waters. If you’re an avid angler, this can be a wonderful opportunity to reel in some prized bass or get introduced to the highly competitive world of sportfishing. If you’re not into fishing at all, you can watch some of the action and get to Pickwick Lake’s sportfishing areas to see how the pros do it.
  • Visit the Pickwick Landing State Park–The state park, which was once served as the living area for construction crews of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), encompasses about 680 acres of land that houses a golf course, three public swimming beaches, an inn for guests, cabins, and 48 wooded campsites.
  • Fishing–Aside from smallmouth bass and Tennessee River catfish, the waters of Pickwick Lake has plenty of fishing stock for anglers. According to local experts, you can catch sauger, crappie, bluegill, stripes, and white bass in Pickwick Lake all year round.
  • Drop by Shiloh National Military Park – If you’re in the Pickwick Landing State Park, do drop by Shiloh National Military Park, located about 15 minutes away. Here, you can check out one of the best preserved military history sites of the Civil War in the country.

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