Quick Guide to Buying a Home in Pickwick

Pickwick Lake


Often our Office is called by home buyers saying the same thing “I want to get a place on the water”.

I believe it is a slight dream to anyone to have a beautiful majestic lake home with walk out access to the water with the ski boat of your dreams on a boat lift in your dock just waiting to hit the water! But that dream may not always be feasible… So how does a home buyer start his search for a home in Pickwick?


Many home buyers that come to the Pickwick area are seasoned veterans when it comes mortgages and financing. Some even choosing to pay cash for their home purchases. Though the financing process is one of the first things that should be on a prospective home buyers list. This is the process a buyer should budget and determine if it is the right time to make an investment such as a second home or how much you can invest.

Have you spoken to a lender? If not sometimes it helps to get recommendations from friends or family. Your agent will surely be able to recommend a few mortgage companies or lenders for you.

Real Estate Agent/ Realtor

This is one of the most important aspect of buying in Pickwick or in any resort style community. A Real Estate Agent is going to be the resource to ask, “will I enjoy living here?”, because not every subdivision, street, cove, and landing in the Pickwick Lake/ Counce area is the same. Almost every square foot of this amazing lake town is unique in its on way and there is rarely an experience or lake story that is the same. If you want your memories to be full and happy go about choosing a good reputable agent.

At Wright Realty we strive to stay up to date with the current activities and changes within the town. We have a long history with this boating area, and have been serving it in many ways for almost 40 years now. If you are looking for trustworthy, reliable, consistent, hardworking agent then call Duane Wright Realty!


The research process of buying a home can be done in many different ways with todays technology. Some choose to come multiple weekends in a row to look at every home on the market before buying. Some pick a few homes to see and buy one for that selection. Some see their first home and buy it! If you are interested in receiving a list of homes for sale in the Pickwick Area click here.
One of the great things about our day and age is the internet is a wonderful resource when buying a home and a good real estate site can help! Many real estate sites offer mortgage calculators, refined home searches, searches by price, and more. Home buying has never been easier.
Wright Realty even offers a new way to search for homes. All of our home listings receive a 3D walkthrough tour allowing a buyer or shopper to tour, inspect, and see a home without stepping through a door. You can even slip on a pair of Virtual Googles and get lost in the tours on your website. Just check out OUR LISTNGS. We also do feature videos for most of our properties giving you a total view and experience of a particular home before you make the decision to schedule a showing.


Closing your home with Wright Realty makes things simple. We work hard to take all the stress and aggravation out of the closing process by staying one step
ahead of everyone. Wright Realty has a great broker, team and staff that stay on top of all the home sales and closings at the company so you know the only
thing you need is just a phone call to us.


After closing you should have everything you need to start enjoying your amazing lake home or resort property. If there is further assistance such as recommendations on buying a boat, obtaining a boat lift, doing a remodel, or anything to help you love and enjoy Pickwick more call Wright Realty!