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Some say the best way to experience Pickwick Lake is to rough it up in the woods and get in touch with nature. If you’re looking for long-term fulfillment and long-lasting memories in Pickwick Lake, however, the best thing to experience this natural beauty is to invest in a lovely waterfront home. Coveted among home buyers all over the world, waterfront homes offer serenity and a unique homeowner experience.Pickwick Lake’s banks are dotted with several private communities that offer stunning waterfront property, some with their own boat slips for homeowners with their own water vessels. If you’re interested in investing on waterfront homes, here are some tips you should take to heart.

  1. Find a waterfront specialist. Waterfront homes entail a certain type of care and expertise. To tap into the best waterfront properties in Pickwick Lake, get in touch with a waterfront specialist who will guide you through the home buying process. Unlike your ordinary real estate agent, waterfront property specialists know everything you need to know about a waterfront home, from sound structure to oyster beds near the property.
  2. Consider the bigger picture. Some homebuyers prefer to look at waterfront homes based on their structure alone, but here at Wright Realty, we encourage you to consider the whole property. While the structure is important, you should also deliberate on other aspects. Is the swimming mucky around the area? Are your views worth the price? Will you get enough privacy from holidaymakers?
  3. Take your lifestyle into consideration. Whether you’re buying a waterfront property or an interior home, it’s important to pick a home that fits your lifestyle. Do you love to catch some rays on fine sand? Best find a property with its own private beach. Do you love fishing? A waterfront home with a dock and a boat slip will help you out. If you’re only after beautiful views of Pickwick Lake, maybe you should consider buying a water-view home instead.
  4. Make sure the structure is weather-proof. Rain or shine, you’ll want your waterfront property to be able to withstand the forces of nature. Waterfront homes, unlike other types of residential real estate, get more beating from nature, after all. Look for and invest in extra measures like storm shutters and stainless-steel locks to protect your property.
  5. Research on loans and insurance costs early. Waterfront properties are often more expensive than other types, therefore requiring jumbo loans. Make sure to research early in order to work on your finances. Insurance for waterfront homes can also be costly, as you might want to take a look at different policies (general hazard, wind, flood, etc.). Research everything accordingly and before you buy a waterfront home.

Living in a waterfront home is a rewarding experience

Especially if your waterfront property is located along the banks of Pickwick Lake! To know more about waterfront homes in the area and to explore your real estate opportunities, contact Duane Wright Realty today at duane@duanewrightrealty.com or through the following contact numbers: 731-607-3076 or 731-689-3076.