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North Shore Drive

Tranquil Beauty of North Shore Pickwick Lake

A Hidden Paradise

In the heart of the Pickwick Lake area, you’ll discover North Shore, a treasure trove of unobstructed water activities and sportfishing opportunities. Lush, rolling terrain envelops this area, offering a cooler, soothing environment. Indeed, a visit to North Shore Pickwick Lake promises cozy barbecue afternoons, shared amidst the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves.

Nature’s Year-Round Showcase

Every season paints a unique portrait in North Shore. Spring heralds the arrival of bright, vibrant foliage and bird songs, signaling the renewal of life. Summer days are filled with sunshine, illuminating the area in a delightful glow. Autumn introduces warm reds and golds as leaves tumble down, and a chilly wind sweeps across the lake. Winter transforms the area into a serene portrait, cloaked in white and wrapped in tranquility.

Captivating Real Estate Opportunities

A variety of captivating real estate options are scattered throughout North Shore. From waterfront homes and water view residences to plots offering panoramic vistas of Pickwick Lake, this area satisfies diverse homebuyer needs. Furthermore, architectural styles typically showcase Ranch-style homes and similar designs that harmonize with the natural charms of Pickwick Lake. Starting prices for these captivating properties hover around $300,000.

A Plethora of Activities

In North Shore and surrounding areas, numerous activities await. Opportunities for boating abound on the scenic Pickwick Lake, a reservoir built in the Tennessee River. Enthusiastic sportfishing fans flock to the lake for its abundance of record-size smallmouth bass. And if you’re not into fishing, watching professional anglers in action is equally entertaining.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

While North Shore boasts plenty of charm, nearby attractions further enhance the experience. Pay a visit to the Pickwick Landing State Park or drop by Shiloh National Military Park for a historical journey. The waters of Pickwick Lake are brimming with fishing stocks, including sauger, crappie, bluegill, stripes, and white bass. The natural beauty, coupled with a rich assortment of activities, makes North Shore Pickwick Lake an unrivaled destination. Explore your real estate opportunities today!

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