Harnessing Limestone Water for Your New Home

Whenever you purchase a new home, one critical question always arises: “Where do I get my water from?” In the charming environment of Savannah, TN, close to the scenic Pickwick Lake, the answer is simple – Limestone Water.

Reliable and Responsible Provision

In the picturesque town of Savannah, TN, and around the captivating Pickwick Lake, Limestone is ensuring homes receive a consistent supply of safe, clean water. Known for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, this provider stands out. Each day, technology and innovation drive their operations. Central States Water Resources tirelessly invests in infrastructure to meet the highest safety standards. This commitment keeps their clients’ trust intact.

A Commitment to Communities

Indeed, Central States Water Resources is more than a utility company. By bringing Wall Street funding to Main Street, they are aiding small communities lacking access to capital. Their dedication is transforming lives. Water systems abandoned after category 5 hurricanes are restored. Wastewater plants previously discharging untreated sewage into public streams have been revamped. These impressive feats of providing safe, clean water, are a testament to their impact.

Limestone and Sustainability

What sets Limestone apart is its adherence to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) guidelines. Protecting aquifers, lakes, rivers, and streams is at the core of their operations. Their efforts go beyond merely providing a service; they are playing their part in preserving our environment. As you set up your new home, consider the profound impact of your choice in water provider.

Getting in Touch

For your convenience, the process to set up your Limestone Water account is straightforward and user-friendly. An array of online tools are available to help you manage your water needs. Nevertheless, if you prefer traditional methods, mail payments can be sent to Limestone Water UOC, PO Box 676388, Dallas, TX 75267-6388. Or simply dial 1-855-723-2450 for direct assistance.

In summary, starting a new chapter in your life shouldn’t be stressful. With providers like Limestone Water, ensuring reliable water supply to your new home has never been easier. Therefore, consider the benefits of this trusted provider as you take this exciting step towards homeownership.

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